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Olive Paste





Olive paste production process:



1.      Selecting the olives carefully, in which the olives are green and free from defects or diseases.


2.      The head is removed from olives.


3.      Olives are placed in barrels for the pickling process.


4.      A concentrated salt solution (10%) is added to the olives.


5.      The Olive barrels are put in a customized store with a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.


6.     The Pickling process is checked weekly for six months to make sure that the concentration of the salt solution is 10%, and if it is not, the salt is added to reach this



7.      The olives are transferred from the first concentrated salt solution to a new salt solution with the same concentration percentage of salt, this process is repeated every week for 2 months in order to remove the bitter taste.


8.      The olives are removed from the salt solution and are spread on a piece of white cloth for 12 hours until it is rid of all the excess amount of water.


9.       Cores are removed from olives using a special machine to grind the fruit well.


10.  The grind olives are mixed with olive oil, and flavors such as thyme, nuts, or chilli.


11.  The olive paste is then ready to be put in glass bottles, it is then pasteurized at a temperature of 75 ° C for 15 minutes.


12.  The olive paste bottles are removed from the pasteurization machine and cooled rapidly, where they are then placed in cold water.