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Her beautiful talent


Shadia farawnah, a hardworking and high skilled productive member of the Women’s Couscous Cooperative that has been rolling couscous for 8 years now, and has a great experience in almonds, thyme and dates production as well. Shadia started working to support her family financially to help her husband and a family of five children. Her husband’s income was not enough. Through her work at the cooperative, she has been able to send her eldest son to continue studying at the university to become a lawyer. “This was my first job, I have never had a job before, but when I got the opportunity I decided to work to give my family a decent life” Said shadia.


She considers couscous rolling a sophisticated skill that one has to learn and develop to excel in the job. “Rolling couscous is beautiful! I love it, it’s like an art work for me! It gives me the feeling that I have a distinct talent that I can depend on to achieve success in my life and accomplish my dreams while I contribute to protect the Palestinian food culture. Not everyone can roll couscous, believe me” said Shadia.