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Olive oil


Olive oil is all about the process. Keep a healthy heart with our distinct fair traded (organic extra virgin, organic virgin, extra virgin and virgin) olive oil and discover the true taste of olives. Cold pressed directly from carefully hand-picked fresh olives monitored with great care by small scale farmers in Palestine with an accumulated experience throughout generations.


Handpicked from thousand year old Nabali olive trees, olive fruit has a major green olive fruit taste that makes you discover the true taste of olives in addition to its bitterness and pungency taste. It has a greenish color and a fruity smell of green apples and green almond fruits. Know more about Palestinian olive oil and its impact on palestinian farmers here: http://alreeffairtrade.ps/sites/default/files/newsletters/olive_oil_season_2016_newsletter_0.pdf 


This is done so under the supervision of pressing procedures which are required to produce high-quality olive oil, such requirements include pressing temperature, cleanliness and changing the water used for washing the fruits repeatedly.


Olive Oil is then tested in the cooperatives and is stored in stainless steel tanks to preserve the high quality of the olive oil. Afterward, olive oil is sent to the olive oil filling station in Al-Ram that belongs to Al Reef Fair Trade. There, it gets tested again and filtered, and is eventually sorted into stainless steel tanks according to the type: organic, extra virgin and virgin. The last step is to fill the olive oil in bottles of different sizes.


Palestinian olive farmers know that olive oil production is all about the process. Throughout the years they have become aware and educated about the right practices and processes to produce a high quality olive oil with excellent organoleptic features.


If you know Palestinians, you know that one of the things they are proud of the most is their olive trees and the special taste and flavor of their olive oil. Olive trees represent Palestinian persistence and forever connection to their land just as these trees have been in the area for such a long time, where some of them date back to 5000 years ago.