Couscous | Al Reef Fair Trade



Our traditional handmade couscous is rolled with love by the hands of passionate and talented women from Women’s Couscous Cooperative in Jericho – Palestine. Women at the Women’s Couscous Cooperative know the right way of rolling couscous. It’s a careful preparation of couscous that makes couscous grains elegant and sophisticated. The wheat used to make the couscous is produced by small farmers in Jenin area in the north of Palestine. Know more about the Women's Couscous Cooperative here: 



This couscous is handmade according to the traditional way. It is sold to different fair trade partners in Italy, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand in addition to the local market in Palestine. 



Couscous is a magical meal that can be prepared with diverse flavors (fruits, vegetables, chicken, meat, fish and as a dessert!). In the Palestinian culture, couscous is considered a meal that is cooked on special occasions (happy and social gatherings); it’s a meal to transfer and communicate laughter and conversations over, just as in the process of preparing it. Before, couscous used to be an alternative food for rice as rice isn’t planted in Palestine. 



Al Reef provides the cooperative with technical support in order to make sure that the couscous meets the international standards for food.