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New Product




We would like to introduce to you our new product

"Olive Paste"


We are cooperating with the Women Cooperative Association for saving and Credit in Kafr Ra'ai in Jenin Area, to produce a new product: the Olive Paste.



The cooperative formed in the 8th of December 2012 with the support of PARC. It Includes 240 members, and 7 members of the administrative board. The cooperatives main asset is a number of productive women, who are responsible for the production projects. The olive paste project is one of these projects. 



The cooperative offers several kinds of loans, production, educational, and agricultural loans. In addition to offering a number of services to its members such as holding courses in  several subjects and increasing awarness. 


In addition to producing olive paste, the cooperative produces:


·         Olive Products (Pickled green and black olives)


·         Dairy Products


·         Olive Oil soap


·         Handicrafts ( Embroidery)