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Gaza Under Genocide


 Al-Reef – 16th.October


 The Genocide on Gaza Continues...

The Israeli occupation is using media as an instrument of information warfare and manipulation to spread lies to help justify their cruel and brutal crimes, massacres and genocide against Palestinians. Unfortunately, the west is falling for this propaganda, claiming that “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Is it defending itself by slaughtering more than 750 children?

Until this moment, more than 2,670 Palestinian martyrs were murdered in cold blood as a result of the mass genocide, merciless massacres and ethnic cleansing that the Israeli occupation has been carrying out against the Gaza Strip for the past 10 days. Additionally, around 10,000 Palestinians were injured; thousands of whom suffer from life-threatening injuries. Around 60% of those victims are women and children; the youngest victim being a 1-week-old baby! The Israeli genocide wiped out 50 Palestinian families of more than 500 martyrs, and erased them from the civil registry in Gaza.


Amidst the huge wave of misreporting and distortion of historical facts, it must be mentioned and reiterated that Palestinians have been under a settler colony for 75 years, and they have the right to defend themselves against it. This conforms with the UN Resolution 3246 that "reaffirms the legitimacy of peoples' struggle for liberation from colonial and foreign domination, by all available means, including armed struggle".


For 75 years, the Zionist occupation has been killing Palestinians, imprisoning them, demolishing their houses, stealing their lands, committing massacres, building illegal settlements and expanding them on Palestinian property, controlling land, water and air,  assaulting women, children and the elderly and murdering them, violating countless international laws, abusing human rights, distorting history, spreading lies, imposing countless restrictions on Palestinians, limiting their movement, controlling every aspect of their lives and continuing to do the same crimes with the support of the international community.


The Gaza Healthcare System is taking its Last Breath as the Israeli Occupation Continues Targeting Medical Facilities.

Hospitals and health facilities are still being targeted by Israeli bombs and airstrikes; 15 medical centers were bombed, more than 28 of the medical staff were killed by Israeli airstrikes and tens of them were injured.


 The hospitals are also rapidly overflowing and running out of medical supplies as the number of severe injuries increases. Electricity, water and fuel are still cut off from Gaza after the occupation imposed a “complete siege” around the strip, obligating Palestinians and hospitals to run on electricity generators which are expected to stop working in a few days. It would be a huge disaster if the electricity gets completely cut off with the Israeli occupation proceeding with its inhuman decision to prevent the supply of electricity, water, fuel, medial and food resources to Gaza. The hospitals are also facing a huge issue with space due to the number of bodies, to the point that they’re starting to temporarily keep the martyrs’ bodies in tents and ice-cream freezers, and burying them in mass graves. There are also more than 50,000 patients getting treatment at the Shifa hospital - the largest medical center in Gaza – which is much more than its maximum capacity.


The occupation forces are still wiping out residential buildings, entire neighborhoods, houses, schools, universities, mosques, hospitals, roads, ambulances, journalists and much more – completely erasing and obliterating the features of the different areas around the whole Gaza Strip. It is estimated that Israeli warplanes destroyed around 135,000 residential apartments and houses.


Gazans Struggle to Survive under a Disastrous Genocide

Gazans are now living in catastrophic conditions because of the relentless bombing, especially after being evacuated and forcefully displaced from their houses in the north and having their houses demolished. On Friday 13\10, the occupation dropped leaflets on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, ordered 1.1 million of them to leave their houses in the Northern Gaza Strip and move to the Southern area, instructed them to move through “a safe passage”, and then proceeded to drop missiles on them on their way on the road! The occupation also ordered the evacuation of hospitals and UNRWA schools where hundreds of thousands of displaced Gazans are living, since those places are considered a bit less dangerous than their own houses.


This reminded Palestinians of the terrors of the Nakba – Catastrophe- in 1948 when vicious Zionist gangs committed massacres, killed thousands of Palestinians and forced hundreds of thousands of them out of their houses and lands to establish the current Zionist apartheid “Israel” on Palestinian land. Many of the Palestinians who were forced out of their lands in 1948 had to live in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, and have been living there ever since. Now, Palestinians in Gaza are going through a second Nakba!


Palestinian Children in Gaza Deprived of their Childhood

More than 80% of children in Gaza suffer from depression and mental health issues, especially post-traumatic stress disorder. Until this moment, and during the current war on Gaza, more than 750 children were killed, thousands were injured, and the rest of them are suffering from the traumatic massacres they are going through. The Israeli occupation stole and destroyed their childhood, orphaned hundreds of them and ripped them up of their basic human rights, and basic necessities of life. Many children are still being pulled out from under the huge rubbles of their demolished houses, and many of them are waiting to be pulled out.


Manipulation of the Media

The western media has been flooding websites, news and media outlets with false information and hateful content about Palestinians. This use of media as a tool to manipulate people has been ongoing for many years, and it’s especially used nowadays to legitimize war crimes and to spread misleading information to either hide the atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation or to justify them.


Besides that, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have been targeting Palestinian content by deleting videos and pictures that show evidence of the Israeli massacres and crimes against Palestinians. This also extends to using Artificial Intelligence to make fake pictures of “a burnt baby” claiming that Palestinian resistance groups did that, however, those were proven to be fabricated.


The biggest and most dangerous lie that was widely spread between the whole world, especially westerners was that Palestinian resistance groups “beheaded 40 babies”. Many people, including the US President Joe Biden, claimed that they have seen pictures of those “beheaded babies”, however, Israeli officials, the White House and the public did not confirm those claims, thus, they are proved to be wrong. The truth is that there are more than 750 real Palestinian children who were brutally killed from the hundreds of tons of missiles and explosive bombs dropped by the Israeli warplanes on their houses.