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Gaza Under Attack 12.Oct.2023

Al-Reef - 12th.October.2023
Gaza Under Attack
After 75 years of injustice, oppression and apartheid under the Israeli occupation,
Palestinians are still resisting and fighting their way to freedom.
The fascist Israeli occupation has declared an aggressive war and genocide on the Gaza Strip and
has been committing war crimes, atrocities and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians living in the area since
7th.October.2023 to result in the death of more than 1400 Palestinian civilians. Knowing that Gaza has
been under a strict Israeli military blockade for 17 years with 2.4 million Palestinians living in an area of
365 km², making it one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The occupation has total
control over land, sea, air and what goes in and out of Gaza. Besides the current war, Gaza went through
5 major wars by the occupation in the previous years, besides many other operations that target the strip.
In the past 2 years, Palestine has been facing escalations in the security and political situation under the
Israeli occupation. Those years have been among the deadliest years for Palestinians. Before 7\10 this
year, more than 470 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers. There have
also been increased invasions and raids on Jenin, Nablus and especially Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem -
one of Islam’s holiest sites - where worshippers have been repeatedly attacked, assaulted and provoked
by Israeli forces. Besides that, illegal settlements on Palestinian lands have been continuously
expanding, and those violations against Palestinians are particularly encouraged by the new Israeli
extremist right-wing government. Accordingly, Palestinians can’t stay silent as those oppressive actions
The Israeli bombs, airstrikes and use of the illegal white phosphorus on Gaza have resulted in the killing
and martyrdom of more than 1400 Palestinians - until this moment - of which 60% are children and
women, and over 5700 life-threatening injuries. Moreover, Palestinian paramedics and journalists have
been particularly targeted and killed through those raids. There are still more bodies buried under the
huge rubbles of demolished buildings that can’t be moved due to the lack of the required equipment. The
Israeli raids emphasize on causing as much damage as possible – wiping out entire families,
residential buildings and neighborhoods.
The Israeli occupation is pushing 2 million Gazans to the brink of death as it cut off all food supplies to
them, destroyed the only exit out of Gaza which is the Rafah crossing into Egypt, bombed it and cut off
electricity, water and fuel from the whole strip. That was ordered by the Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav
Gallant, who said: “We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly”, which was
supported by the Israeli Prime Minister. Subsequently, Palestinians in Gaza are being cut off from the
world, hospitals are overflowing and won’t be able to save the lives of Palestinians since they reached
full capacity and started to run out of medical resources. In addition to that, 13 health facilities in Gaza
have been targeted by Israeli bombs. It is also important to mention that an emergency israeli
government was formed recently to lead the war on Gaza.
The occupation’s airstrikes are bombing and destroying entire refugee camps, neighborhoods and cities
and they’re targeting residential buildings, hospitals and UN schools. More than 338,000 Palestinians
are now deported from their houses due to the continuous Israeli airstrikes, who make up around 15% of
the whole population. This whole operation by the Israeli occupation is also mainly supported by the
U.S, whose aircraft carrier and fighter jets have arrived near the Gaza Strip’s shores, ready to continue
the support of the crimes, mass atrocities and massacres committed against Palestinian civilians.
The horrors on the ground that Gazans are exposed to are much more immense than what is shown in
the media. Not to mention the worldwide propaganda, manipulation of media and misinformation about
the real situation that are leading to more bloodshed and the world turning a blind eye to the inhuman
practices against Palestinians.
This is not a conflict between 2 sides. It is a case of a predator and a victim, the occupier and the
occupied. The occupier who has ground forces, navy, air forces, missile defense system, military budget
in billions, weapons of mass-destruction, the support of the biggest powers of the world and much more
– and the occupied who has none of that.
The West Bank is also witnessing tensions due to the war on Gaza. Moving around between
cities and villages is very difficult, and there are many Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks. The
settlers and Israeli forces are also increasing their armed assaults against Palestinians resulting in
the martyrdom of more than 29 Palestinians in the West Bank during this week and an increase
of arrests and injuries. Palestinians all over Palestine are rising and protesting against the
inhuman practices and airstrikes of the Israeli occupation against the Gaza Strip.
We encourage all people around the world and solidarity movements to spread the truth about
the crimes and violations of international law by the Israeli occupation against Palestinians, to
protest and to stress on their governments to put an end to all of this.