142 tons of agricultural products exported from cooperatives to international markets in the first third of 2015! | Al Reef Fair Trade

142 tons of agricultural products exported from cooperatives to international markets in the first third of 2015!


As part of Al-Reef for Investment and Agricultural marketing company’s efforts, and in cooperation with agricultural and women’s cooperatives to open new markets for high quality Palestinian agricultural products with international quality certificates. Al Reef succeeded in the first third of 2015 to export 142 tons of various agricultural products such as medjoul dates, organic extra virgin olive oil,  medicinal herbs, Couscous, almonds, dried tomatoes, and other products to many international markets including (USA, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates).


The value of exports exceeded five million shekels. General Manager of the company, Salim Abu-Ghazaleh, stated that 16 shipments were exported to the mentioned markets and more than 800 members of cooperatives have benefited from those exports. These cooperatives have benefited from the development of agricultural products quality programs, through projects implemented in cooperation with the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) regarding guidance and good agricultural practices for the agricultural products in addition to the organic certification program. This first third of the year to created jobs for more than 75 domestic workers in agricultural processing and packaging operations.


The staff of the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Health, the Palestinian Customs Department and the Chamber of Commerce in Jericho and the Jordan Valley had a significant role in cooperating with the company and facilitating its export operations. Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh explained that the company has acquired international food safety and quality certificates, and cooperates with Palestinian laboratories and has provided modern infrastructure necessary for packaging, quality control and storage.Also, he stated that they have a qualified technical team of engineers in all specialties, administrators, international marketing experts as well as food safety systems and various logistics services. Moreover, the commercial agreements between the PLO and many countries which give the Palestinian agricultural product preferential advantage in terms of customs exemption played a key role in the export of agricultural products to international markets.


To continue these promotional efforts to introduce the Palestinian agricultural product to international companies, Al Reef has participated since the beginning of this year in several international exhibitions in the UAE, Germany, and Italy as well as participating in many local exhibitions. In addition, many promotional documentaries were produced in several languages to introduce the Palestinian agricultural product to the world and to expose the Israeli occupation violations against Palestinian farmers.