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Kafr Thulth


Kafr Thulth is a Palestinian village near Nablus, south east of Qalqilya, and 28km south of Tulkarm, with a population of 4,511 in 2007. Kafr Thulth is surrounded by several villages such as Azzun, Sanniriya, Biddia and Dayr Istya, and it is surronded too by several ruins. 

The high fertility of Kafr Thulth lands make it cultivable. Therefore, the people of this land work hard to get the most out of the fertile land by planting different kinds of trees, particularly olive trees, in addition to planting vegetables.


The town is considered one of the Palestinian towns that produces  olive oil. Accordingly, it has 3 places for squeezing olive fruit. Just like other villages in Palestine, Kafr Thulth is facing many challenges concerning agriculture due to the occupation practices concerning water, and this was reflected on when planting and cultivating.